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NEW- New- New SERVICE  (Daleli) 

It is your guideline from your country until your arrival in Germany.
- Full training and simulation for the embassy's interview and how to pass it easily.
- It helps you write your CV and motivation letter, which are two of the most important papers in your file.
- A prepared team is available in Germany for you to provide you with all the details and contact the universities.
- Guidance and teaching how to open a bank account and book an appointment
- Guarantee your accommodation. 

In short words, you have the answer for all your questions until you get the visa. 
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Now you can get a good discount 

Do you want to get until 50% discount? we believe making goodwill influence our mission and make it more human. Now we support The Reviving Home organization which we believe that It has a very big mission and will help thousands of people around the world. By donating for this organization with the amount of money you will get a 200% discount for the same amount. Example : If you donate 30 euro you will get 60 euro discount, please note that the maximum possible discount is different from one service to another you can follow up these details in our website. 
German language courses discount.  

100 % cloud services workflow 

How we work

The integration of services through dealing with one platform, where you can have access to all services, especially those related to education and work in Germany. We use the most innovation tech solutions via internet, you will find us at anytime. Our customer services team with research and implement department are working hard to make your way much easier.





About US 

As a beautiful country, successful in the domain of education, Germany offers a unique opportunity for international students to study and work in different domains inside Germany.
Since its inception in 2014, The Association has been operating , offering educational services which include studying, learning and working in Germany to achieve integration of policy in services with its diversity and efficiency by adopting the best methods of advanced administration through work and communication programs.
The Association is officially licensed in Germany and has two branches; in Berlin, Germany and Homs, Syria, where it has offered many services in the last four years.

Our Vision and Mission

In its current policy, the Association aims at focusing more on enhancing and developing its services as well as obtaining accuracy and quality certificates. It also focuses on building strategic partnerships with a group of offices around the world to be their representative in several cities and countries starting from the Arab world. The association is also working on developing its base of resources as well as establishing relationships with universities, institutes and academies to provide the best quality of services. The vision of the Association revolves around offering the best online language institutes to teach the German language in an easy, effective and professional manner with some of the best native speaking German teachers beside offering certificates recognized by the German Embassies around the world.



As a company we started to work since 2014, we served hundreds of students with thousands of services. 


We help you supporting different languages by the qualified customer service team, more than 25 employee here ready for you. 


In different country you can visit our agents, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Libya.... and fast we spread to more country. 



For now we have a branch in Germany (Berlin)the head office ,Syria (Homs), Damascus (Soon) , Cairo (Soon), Sohag (Soon).

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