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Awraki Program is divided into two main sections:
The translation department: All student’s papers must be completed in order to ensure that he can obtain the student visa. He must translate his papers into German, English, Turkish and French, depending on the country he is traveling to. In our institution, we provide translation services in all the mentioned languages.
The extraction department: It is the extraction of personal documents from the Syrian government.

Awraki Services

Awraki Prices 


for basic services 


  • you need this essential services 
  • Translation 4 Papers into German
  • Translation 3 Papers into English 
  • Ratification from the Ministry
  • Chat support,Email, Facebook, Website


extract official documents


  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Translation Papers into German and English
  • Translation a marriage statement into German 
  • Ratification from the Ministry
  • Video/sound support, Hangout


everything you need


  • Everything in Advance pla
  • Translation Documents into German and English 
  • Extraction the civil registration + Individual registration + Marriage statement 
  • Ratification from the Ministry
  • Deliver Documents 
  • Video/sound/phone support

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