we are your partner and assistant in Germany.

Our Service


It is your guideline from your country until your arrival in Germany.Full training and simulation for the embassy interview and how to pass it easily.It helps you with writing your CV and motivation letter, which are two of the most important papers in your file.
A prepared team is available in Germany for you to provide you with all details and to contact the universities.Guidance and teaching how to open a bank account and booking an appointment. Also Providing your accommodation. 

How it works

You are not alone anymore, by order Daleli service you have serious partner in Germany to depend on. We will guide you through all steps, not only advises and training, but we help with more details, you can add our company address to your letters when you send then to institution or universities. We can help you to pay fees and more.

In short words we are your partner and assistant in Germany.

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 Why Daleli 


Why you need Daleli Service when you decide to work or study in Germany?

you need TO KNOW what does mean to study or work in germany?
By using our Service ( Daleli ) you are going to know more about Germany by asking our team in Customer service. You are allowed to ask any question about the Job market or the universities and student life in Germany.
you need to descide where and when ?
Do you need to decide where to study in Germany, which city or university is better for you? when is the best moment to travel ? Then with Daleli service you can reach what you want :)
you need to contact german INSTITUTIONs and need help ?
Did you already decided which institute is better for you ? just you need our help to contact them and continue with the deal. We are happy to help with Daleli service.
Now it is the time to make interview with German Embassy, Do not worry at all. we stand beside you, all the details will be easy for you by Daleli service. We are going to learn every thing about the interview and simulate it :)
Daleli prices

Choose one of your way to achieve your dream

Daleli basic

60 Euro
  • 1 consulting online hour
  • 1 support hours 
  • Email, phone and chat support
Daleli professional 

200 Euro
  • 3 Hours  online training
  • 5 hours support  
  • Email, phone and chat support 
  • Medium priority support
Daleli expert 

300 Euro
  • 5 Hours online training
  • 10 hours support  
  • Email, phone and chat support 
  • High priority support

Now you can get discount 

Do you want to get until 40 % discount? we believe making good will influence our mission and make it more human. Now we support The  Reviving Home organization which we believe they have very big mission and will help thousands of people around the world. By donating for this organization with amount of money you will get 200% discount for the same amount. Example : If you donate 30 euro you will get 60 euro discount, please note that the maximum possible discount is 50 % of the total amount, that means for the Daleli service 200 euro you can donate 50 euro and get 100 euro discount. But  you can donate more than 50 euro to support :) , that will be very helpful. 

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