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General Questions 

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what are the educational services provided by HS Education
The educational services provided by HS EDUCATION :
- University admission
- Opening a bank account
- Booking an appointment at the embassy
- Writing of Motivation letter and c.v
- Register in a language institute and a student hostel
- Interview training  
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what are The required papers for Visa job search ?
The required papers for Visa job search are:

- A Copy of your passport with validity of 12 months.
- Two Photographs (suitable for the German embassy)
- C.V in German language
- A motivation letter explaining your goal of working in Germany.
- Baccalaureate degree translated and certified
- University degree translated and certified
- A Proof of Graduation Translated and Certified
- A transcript translated and certified
- German language certificate if it is available
- Certificates of practical experience if it is available
- The extraction of individual civil registry record / external
- Cleared paper
- Insurance
- An escrow bank statement in Germany.
- Address stay in Germany while arriving. 

All the Arabic papers must be translated and certified from Ministry of both Justice and Foreign Affairs
The papers must be divided to three groups as follow:

- The original papers
- A copy of the original papers with the same arrangement of the embassy’s form
- Repeated ...
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2. FAQ

 Daleli Services

What is The Daleli service ? 
Daleli service is a guideline service to some extent
In which we provide the student with all the details that he needs to implement the services on his own
The services in which we provide consultancy are:
- Guarantee university admission
- Register in a language institute
- Opening a bank account
- Booking an appointment at the embassy
- Register in a student hostel 
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what are the additional services that Daleli Provide the student ?
- We also help with writing the CV and motivation letter, which are two of the most important papers in the student’s file.
- Moreover, we provide three online training sessions in preparation for the embassy’s interview throughout the contract term with our office
- The most important point is that you can also use the address of the institution in Germany while emailing to Universities, Institutes or Banks 
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What is the cost of registration in Daleli service and the payment system ? 
The total cost of Daleli service is 200 Euros but we are currently offering a 40% discount on this service for a limited period
Therefore, the total cost is 120 euros.
The payment system
It is half of the money when the agreement is confirmed, and the other half is before the second training session of the interview.
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What are the closed bank account details ? 
It’s a bank account in which you can make a deposit of certain value so that the statement of account is issued of such value and submitted to the embassy during the interview. 
Why does the German Embassy request this bank account ? 
The embassy requires this bank account to guarantee that the resident student or traveler can help himself in his payout during accommodation 
Is there an alternative to a bank account ? 
Yes, you can have a retainer who guarantees your payout and in this case, his income must be enough for both of your payout. 
What is the required bank balance ?
The required bank balance is always based on a simple equation...
Length of residence* the amount of monthly expenditure determined by the German government, which is now 730 Euro. 
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3. FAQ

Wazefati Services

What are the best options for doctors in Germany ?
The field of work of Medicine in Germany is very broad ... There are several options to enter the German labor market in medicine. 
The first option is:
Specialty in Hospitals
The specialization differs from the training ,The specialization is very difficult to obtain and very costly. Currently, our institution is not working in the field of medical specialization because of the existence of better alternatives and more... 
The second option is:
The subject of medical training that may be for a month or 3 months or 6 months.
This can be done within the association and it takes a period of 2 months to 3 months to get training... 
The third option is:
There is a so-called study of language and usually for a year, the student in the meantime looks for a job in Germany and this is available widely and can do so.... Nevertheless, there are some weaknesses in this option that the embassy sometimes refuses to apply for visas to some nationalities because of their applying to obtain asylum applications...
Not always rejected but sometimes ... 
The fourth option is:
This is an option that we prefer and work on in the Association for its strong acceptance by the German Embassy ...
It is a language study visa and job search and is named A17 ...
This option is very good for doctors and accepted at the German Embassy
The length of stay in this visa is 18 months distributed according to the law to the year of learning German and German specialized language and 6 months is the period of searching for work ...  
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Why is this visa distinguished from others ? 
Because of the integration that qualifies the student to enter the labor market and this is what the German Embassy wants from the student to make sure that he will succeed in his accommodation and there’s no chance for failure Where you must apply for a certificate modification and practice the profession. 
- Register in a Language Institute to learn German.
- Register in a medical language course in Germany.
In this case the file is considered strong and can be submitted for visa.
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