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A pharmacy in Germany is called an Apotheke. Apotheken are easily identified by a large, red A on the outside of their locations. There are thousands of Apotheken in Germany and German law requires that an Apotheke be owned and operated by a pharmacist. An individual pharmacist is only allowed to own up to three locations. Consequently, there are not any large drugstore chains that are found throughout countries like the USA. In fact, a “drug store” in Germany (Drogerie) sells toiletries and other consumer items, but not medicines.

Generally, every pharmacist who wants to work in Germany needs a licence issued by the regional authorities called “Approbation”. Pharmacists with a foreign pharmaceutical diploma or certificate need to have it recognised prior to starting to work. There is a responsible authority for the recognition in every federal state. The responsible authority will check the equivalency level of the qualification. If there are significant divergences in the qualification, the responsible authority might propose measures to compensate the gaps. Within the member states of the European Union (EU) and the states of the European Economic Area (EEA) the diplomas of pharmacists are mutually recognized if they fulfill the requirements regulated by the EC Directive 2005/36/EC. 

The most in-demand profiles 

German pharmacies also hire new pharmacy graduates, as they offer the opportunity to do some practical training during the initial period in Germany. This practical training includes support to improve language skills and technical aspects of pharmacy procedures and operations in Germany.

Language – the key to integration 

Language is the key to integration and, in order for your Pharmacy degree to be recognised, you will need to obtain a certificate of level B2 in German according to the European framework of reference (e.g. Telc, Goethe, ÖSD). You will then be required to continue learning the language once your career in Germany has begun in order to reach level C1 and pass the Fachsprachenprüfung oral exam.
we will help you to obtain it thanks to an Intensive Courses

Work process

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Step 1. Contact us

Please contact us by one of our contact channels ( website form, chat-Facebook page ) and we will follow up with your request.

Step 2. Working documents

After we get the documents, we will be sure that all the documents are ready to be recognized by German authorities.

Step 3. Language Training

Register in our Academe and get the invitation.

Step 4. Departure

Prepare visa documents and get ready trained for Embassy interview

If you are a highly motivated and young care-professional with a well-founded Pharmacy education in your home country,
you are highly welcome to apply.  


Needed documents

Please make sure, all following documents are ready to start your request, please make attention that we can not start to proceed with with files with out following documents.

* Pass-board copy.
* Graduate certificate copy.
* C.V.
Note: we offer Interviews with us in Arabic and English.

Services and prices 

Different services and prices designed to suite every situation.


For visa services


  • Registration fees 
  • Appointment at embassy
  • Closed bank account
  • Insurance
  • Support & consulting chat, voice


Certificate qualification


  • Everything in starter plan
  • Daleli service included 
  • certificate qualification
  • Help finding practicum 
  • Support & consulting chat, voice 


your guidance to the goal


  • Everything in Advanced plan
  • Arrange arrival 
  • Help finding apartment 
  • Help in residence process 
  • Support & consulting chat, voice 

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