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Medicare programs 

Looking for a medical job in Germany?
Take our assessment for great job matching opportunities.


New ways in Doctors Specialists from third countries. Probably you have already felt it: In health care and nursing exists in Germany for some years lack of specialized personnel. Due to the demographic development, it can be assumed that this deficiency can not be remedied by domestic offspring alone.
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You may have heard Germany need nursing care workers for many reasons including demographics and that filling the shortfall in this area can not be solved sooner by local offspring alone ... please Read more about working in Germany as a nurse


We help you to make a virtue out of necessity. We offer companies specific and tailor-made solutions for international recruiting. We draw our expertise from our many years of experience in the areas of language training, relocation, cultural training and recruitment.
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Engineering programs 

We're an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.


German Сcompanies Outsource Because They Can't Find Developers Locally. A growing tech talent shortage is a serious issue for a number of countries, including Germany, with its large pool of well-educated software developers, is an increasingly viable option for German companies struggling to find talent locally. Read More

Electrical engineers 

Foreign engineers coming to Germany are in the news these days – and in a good way. They are being welcomed as immigrants and are filling many of the engineering job vacancies that are opening up in Germany.Currently 21% of engineering workers are older than 55 and many companies face severe replacement problems.


Germany offers plenty of opportunities to find Mechanical engineering graduate job. It is the largest economy in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. Due to its specific history, the country runs quite decentralized with an economy that is largely dependent on exports. While the capital Berlin is the largest city in Germany and serves as its political power hub, it is harder to pinpoint one economic center in the country. 

6 months new innovation program 

Find job in germany

More that 1.2 million vacation are needed in German labor market.
But companies need to know that really the employers are qualified to work, and to meet them.
That why we are designed this program.
WAZEFATI is  a program designed for doctors, pharmacists, nurses,programmers and engineers who are interested in joining the labor market in Germany. The program works to help the job seekers from outside Germany to find the opportunity to work in Germany according to the dedicated programs that are compatible with the German Labor Law.

one program to new future 

6 months in germany

For engineers, particularly popular specialist fields are mechanical and automotive engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, computer science, and telecommunications.
If you have one of previous specialist then We can help you using our 6 months program to start new future in Germany.

first stage 

First month             Orientation, arrive, setup and day 2 day.
Second month        Preparation, arrange, Refresh and network.
Third month            Integration, meet, explore, practice.

second stage 

For next 3 months  Free scout, Search, apply, and decide.


We're an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.



A lot of students may have an internship in Germany designed in their studying curriculum during the university. To visit Germany  for a while is very challenging process. You need somebody to rely on. And here comes our duty to care about the rest. Reed More .....

Wazefati Services 

Now you can get good discount 

Do you want to get until 50% discount? we believe making good will influence our mission and make it more human. Now we support Reviving Home organization which we believe that they have very big mission and will help thousands of people around the world. By donating for this organization with amount of money you will get 200% discount for the same amount. Example : If you donate 30 euro you will get 60 euro discount.

Work in Germany reports 


1. Strong: A dynamic economy
Significant spending power, an innovative climate, its location at the heart of a dense transport network right in the center of Europe and highly skilled workers
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Germany is world-renowned as a country of industry. But how many people actually still work in manufacturing? And what are the key challenges facing Germany when it comes to jobs?
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German companies are crying out for qualified staff. International applicants have good chances in these professions. Read on for the best tips and links.
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