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NURSING in Germany

Germany urgently needs more qualified nurses. The German government plans to create thousands of new jobs, and to make the profession more attractive so that more young people opt to train as a nurse.
According to the Skills Gap Analysis published by the Federal Employment Agency (BA), there are only 29 candidates for every 100 geriatric nurse vacancies. Recruiting skilled healthcare and nursing staff is therefore a key challenge for Germany.

For those, who have a serious desire to learn continuously and to work efficiently in caring for the Elderly.
Opportunities do not come up often. Sign up now. 

How we work

Good job opportunities for nursing In Germany

In Germany, anyone wishing to work in nursing requires a licence. In order for your professional qualifications to be recognized, you often need to take an adaptation course to bring your language and professional skills in line with the requirements. Applications for the recognition of professional qualifications need to be submitted to the competent authority of the German Land in which you intend to work. If your application is granted, you are entitled to work across the whole country, irrespective of the Land in which your application has been granted. In order for your application to be successful, the following requirements need to be met:


 The competent authority will verify whether or not the professional qualifications which you have acquired abroad are fully equivalent to the corresponding qualification issued in Germany. If this is not the case, you can sign up for an adaptation course. 

German Language 

Depending on the German Land in which you intend to work, you need to prove you have a B1 or B2 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference.

good health

You need to present a certificate issued by a German doctor stating that you are physically and mentally fit and able to work in nursing care.

be trustworthy

In order to prove that you are trustworthy, you need to provide a police-clearance certificate. Depending on your situation, either a police-clearance certificate issued in Germany or issued in your home country will be necessary.

Life of Nurses in Germany

Nursing requires love of the profession and the job. Nursing is wonderful, because each day can be challenging and rewarding. With the right workplace, benifits and people Nursing is considered a great career. The key to personal and professional success is to bring joy to work and to life and all will be well. Be recognized and be with the workplace where you will feel valuable and appreciated. Do not be in the place where you will only work because the job is in demand because the nursing profession is full of opportunities. It is our time as our value is being recognized to care redesign and keeping communities healthier.

Training in our program takes 11 months . Training combines theory and practice budding nurses have 950 hours of classroom instruction at a vocational school. learning their profession under real-life conditions. At the end of their course they have to pass a state examination. From 2020, all the different nursing and care professions – e.g. geriatric, nursing and paediatric care – will be trained together. 

Geriatric nurses have duties in patient rehabilitation, therapy and general medical and nursing care: they help patients with eating and personal hygiene, administer drugs, measure blood pressure and change bandages. They also support patients during leisure activities.

Healthcare nurses work in hospitals or care homes. They monitor their patients’ condition, assist doctors during examinations and prepare operations. They also document the course of a patient’s illness or medical condition.

Trainee nurses are paid between 800 and 1,200 euros per month. The starting salary for fully-qualified healthcare nurses is around 2,500 euros.

Work process

Step by step

Shape your future in Germany

Step 1. Contact us

Please contact us by one of our contact channels ( website form, chat-Facebook page ) and we will follow up with your request.

Step 2. Working documents

After we get the documents, we will be sure that all the documents are ready to be recognized by German authorities.

Step 3. Language Training

Register in our Academe and get the invitation.

Step 4. Departure

Prepare visa documents and get ready trained for Embassy interview

If you are a highly motivated and young care-professional with a well-founded nursing education in your home country,
you are highly welcome to apply.  

Upcoming Courses


DOCUMENTS for first meeting.

Please make sure, all following documents are ready, we can not start to proceed with your files with out following documents.
* Pass-board copy.
* Graduate certificate copy.
* C.V.
Note: we offer Interviews with us in Arabic and English to tell you about all the needed documents for German embassy.

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For visa services


  • Registration fees 
  • Appointment at embassy
  • Closed bank account
  • Insurance
  • Support & consulting chat, voice


Certificate qualification


  • Everything in starter plan
  • Daleli service included 
  • certificate qualification
  • Help finding practicum 
  • Support & consulting chat, voice 


your guidance to the goal


  • Everything in Advanced plan
  • Arrange arrival 
  • Help finding apartment 
  • Help in residence process 
  • Support & consulting chat, voice 

Courses Payment offer

Beside the block account payment which is sometime not easy for students to offer. It comes also the courses and other expenses.
That is why we designed this payment offer.
Now you can get ab B2 level contract with only Deposit payment of
800 euro

Why it is important to get complete contract ? Please watch the video for more cleared details.

Time table 

Estimated time to do services

This time table can be changed according to the Doctor wish of the city and other considerations. The final agreement will be written in the contract. But in General the contract will be between 3 and 5 months.

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